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Bulletproof Your Knowledge: Educating Coaches

Ben Patrick, [19/09/2023 16:13]

Short essay for all coaches to read. You WILL be confronted with:

“XYZ has a PhD and says no full range of motion…”

Be bulletproof with your knowledge. Never argue. Educate ABOVE the false data by understanding how it occurred. It’s very very VERY possibly an honest mistake. But once entered into a textbook, it’s almost impossible to change, even if broader research reveals otherwise.

Hence the world needed ATG, because there was no organized body to put the true data forward.

“Provided that technique is learned accurately under expert supervision and with progressive training loads, the deep squat presents an effective training exercise for protection against injuries and strengthening of the lower extremity. Contrary to commonly voiced concern, deep squats do not contribute increased risk of injury to passive tissues.”

Coaches should know this line by heart. This way you never have to criticize anyone. But if “science” is brought up, you won’t be tongue-tied.

I haven’t seen arguing work. What has worked wonders is caring enough to educate and then leave it at that. Let people think for themselves.

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