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Bulletproofing Reserve: Key to Athletic Transformation

Simen Aam Gulbrandsen, [10/06/2023 18:02]

Will external rotation and pullover be the exercise of choice to reach this type of mobility in a sidearm throw? Helping some young disc golfers and Eagle McMahon on the right is their big idol. He’s btw now in a snowball of injuries. And I’ve seen people discuss online that the power sidearm will go out of fashion because of the risk of injury..

Ben Patrick, [10/06/2023 18:04]

External rotators and the other shoulder decelerators are key! Like a math equation to prevent injury when throwing. Try to have superhuman strong external rotators.

Simen Aam Gulbrandsen, [10/06/2023 18:09]

So he has probably some super tendons in som parts of his arm, that makes him throw extremely far? But also some week links that can’t handle the force he makes? Probably back of shoulder

Ben Patrick, [10/06/2023 18:15]

Yep, exactly. The hidden-in-plain-sight recipe is bulletproofing reserve + intent. Have knees that can’t hurt no matter how hard you jump + study jump and apply max intent = ridiculous gains compared to the norm. Same for throwing, sprinting, etc.

Bulletproofing reserve is the least talked about aspect to athletic transformation relative to its effect. This is why “top” sport coaches broadly don’t believe athletes can really change. Talked on phone last week with strength coach for one of the top basketball colleges. I could tell he didn’t believe players could really change. He also had no knowledge of full range of motion, Nordics, etc… all of which allow bulletproofing reserve. Without bulletproofing reserve you can’t consistently make unathletic guys athletic. Without it, you just have to recruit the best genetics, and you get burned out. Not from hard work but from working hard without helping people get results. He openly was asking me for tips on how to get out of his job. I don’t mean to throw the guy under the bus, he represents modern strength coaching…

1. Fancy job title

2. No admission of room to improve

3. Unable to get results

4. Believing results aren’t actually possible

5. Losing passion for strength coaching

Worst of all?

Athletes who wind up thinking the same, and carry it with them the rest of their lives, unaware of how exercise can be a beautiful part of life - not a drag

This is why Keegan and I made ATG For Coaches. Simple. Uplift people. Make life suck a little less. Maybe even enjoy your job.

The interesting thing is the root cause… The root cause is thinking you know it all! That’s it. Downhill from there. Hence why I’m more passionate about CSU than ATG. Because I’m super passionate about ATG. But ATG (exercise) is just one aspect of a school system.

I’m beyond excited to try to make a better fitness system where those in my school system are CONSISTENTLY fit. I think we can do it. But it starts with that mindset of starting from scratch. Living it. Believing there can be a better way. 10 years from now I’ll have a golden youth fitness system where the students naturally wind up fit with enthusiasm for and understanding of exercise… But only because I’m aware of what I don’t know right now, and I live it out with those kids the whole time, always trying to achieve that goal of them living and loving exercise as part of their lifestyle.

“Changing the system” isn’t the goal. Making a new one is.

Everyone in this chat is in that 1% of people who really think for themselves and have guts to make better systems. Still can’t believe so many of you exist.

Simen Aam Gulbrandsen, [10/06/2023 18:26]

Yes! That’s one of the magic things about Atg! You have to live it yourself! Can’t help others if you can’t help yourself. That’s a philosophy I use in many aspects of life🙌🏻

Ben Patrick, [10/06/2023 18:27]

It’s a unique style for sure! And one that gets MORE applicable with age - not less… If you’re over 40 and can do full chin ups, you’re leading the way for society

So at first one might think “ATG is meant for young coaches.” While it’s easier for young coaches, it’s even more proof in older ones. I won’t really be proof of ATG until I’m dunking in my 40s. Which might be a first for someone who played basketball and reached 20s not dunking lol! So it’s exciting that aging means MORE ATG, not less.

We have many such outliers in this chat. 1% of fitness for people their age.

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