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Business advice for coaching and pricing.

Jeremy Hay, [15/04/2023 01:25]

@Kneesovertoesguy, Ben, or @keegancoach, I am looking for some business advice. I am sure you guys cover some of this stuff in the live calls, but so far they have always been during my workday, so I have not been able to catch most of them.

In this stage of my coaching career, I am envisioning a garage setup with all of the ATG essentials. Right now I have two big questions:

1. What would be some good pricing options? I kind of like the model that Dane Miller uses at Garage Strength. As I understand it, which could be wrong, he charges one price that gives access to the gym, but is the same if they come and get coached once a week, or six days a week. Something along those lines.

2. How should I approach training people who compete in sports and already have their strength training from their high-school or college coaches? @Kneesovertoesguy, if I remember right, your coaches didn't want you to do anything other than what you were assigned from them, so you had to kind of sneak additional work.

Ben Patrick, [15/04/2023 19:52]

Jeremy great questions. Ben Clarfield has the technique on pricing models. In general I shoot for income 3x cost of running business. That’s very general advice, but might help.

Yes, very annoying to have to train “around” someone’s existing strength program. But when I’ve had to do this:

1. Examine their program

2. Balance the flows!

Maybe they’re already doing some decent stuff. Train in balance.

Example: if forced to do half squats with team, FINE: but do extra reps in bottom of squat! 5 x 5[x5] is a favorite. That means 5 bottom quarters THEN stand up. That’s 1 rep. 5 sets of 5. This can balance out half squatting. That’s a very general example. You could even do that on split squats! 🔥

So yes, you CAN make an amazing program around an existing strength program but first analyze it and then be a strategic BEAST. 🫡

For starters… SEATED GOODMORNING! It is the posterior’s job in the squat and deadlift!

ALSO, know that full squats develop the glutes even more than half squats, per studies! Now add Back Extensions, etc. and you’ll see why so many ATGers have POPPING glutes. 🔥

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