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Cable Assisted Nordics vs Bodyweight Fighting: Which is Better?

Graeme Inglis, [20/11/2022 18:17]

What do you guys think of cable assisted nordics? Would I get as much adaptation as bodyweight fighting as far I can go?

Ben Patrick, [20/11/2022 20:52]

Graeme I’ll try to break it down… Knee Flexion breakdown:

1. Any form of knee flexion strengthening would be better than none and you could probably get strong knee flexion of any method

2. Knee flexion happens to be significantly stronger in the eccentric, thus something like a Nordic can be quite powerful to make the area get stronger. Example: Why do people notoriously get SO SORE from eccentric Nordics? Well, it’s high-force! It’s a lot of demand.

3. A ham curl machine is quite advantageous when training knee flexion OFTEN

I’ve regularly seen knee flexion strength increase from daily ham curl machine, paired with quad exercises. Example: check out Poliquin’s Super Accumulation Program. We did this many times in-person, always in groups otherwise no one stuck to it.

4. Adding a band to Nordics gives progressive assistance as the leverage progressively intensifies, therefore making it more like a ham curl machine than a Nordic.

A cable on the other hand would give even tension, so a cable would likely be the best regression of a Nordic if even an eccentric Nordic was out of the question and there was no ham curl machine. Otherwise just do ham curl machine. And if there’s a cable… well the gym probably has a ham curl machine. So for someone very weak I say: eccentric-only Nordic, Ham Curl machine if available, RDL, Back Extension. That would train the hamstrings as

1. Knee flexors

2. Hip extensors


1. Long range and

2. Short range

Long range tends to be most powerful so if I could only pick two for my hams: NORDS AND RDLs ALL DAY BABY!!!!!!! Those two alone you can have world class hams. My personal (Standards program) posterior chain rotation currently:

Monday Back Extension, Thursday Seated Goodmorning, (Next) Monday Nordic, (Next) Thursday RDL.

As a predominantly home gym guy, Nordic bench is one of my best friends. In future perhaps I will add hamstring curls to my rotation but I haven’t found a home solution I personally like enough yet. I do think there is potential with MonkeyFoot type devices but probably has to be explored for a STANDARD setup so it’s the same for anyone doing it, and more stable, and for safety I’d probably have to use that one for higher reps to make sure people don’t risk too heavy.

⬆️ knee flexion breakdown

***oh, and with a partner manually on a lying ham curl, or yourself using two legs to contract and only 1 leg to fight the eccentric, you can get eccentric training on a ham curl machine!!

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