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Can a knee without an ACL be as strong as one with a reconstructed ACL?


Do you think a knee without an ACL can become as strong as a knee with a re-constructed ACL? @Kneesovertoesguy


@alecbeattie What I’ve seen is myself and others achieve greater ability than the norm, even with structural defects… Even with my own knees I’ve never had that examined since my knee ability journey.

So now I have like 1 in a million knee abilities but I don’t know if my knees internally are “better” than an average person’s. The tendons themselves would have to be stronger. And the ligaments too. But perhaps some ligaments still have damage. Perhaps there are still damages there. I’ll never know because I just like teaching ability. I have no interest in going down the medical route.

So my advice would be to observe your ability, and specifically the ability you can express without pain. Theoretically you can or can’t have surgery on any given knee problem. Each will have degrees of non-optimum. Life itself is one big non-optimum mash of experiences that is guaranteed to come to an end. So the right answer for anyone is based on what matters to them, what degree of nonoptimum they want to have. Here’s an example…

Let’s say someone couldn’t walk but did NOT want surgery at any cost. Well, people have led happy lives who can’t walk.

Or let’s say someone wanted to be SURE things were attached right, even if it meant surgery and resulting immobilization and scar tissue.

Well, people have been happy after surgery too.

So I don’t look at surgery or not as something to be too worried about, but to make that decision for yourself with no regrets. My left knee is full of surgical alterations and right knee became worse but no surgeries. PERSONALLY, I am happier with my right knee that never had surgery because now there is no scar tissue, and I really hated the whole surgery process. Even though the right knee was worse than the left! (Left was worst first, surgery, then right got even worse, but I didn’t care anymore and just refused surgery on it)

@alecbeattie so if you can get any increase of pain-free ability, and you don’t want to have surgery, that’s a win! Then see about very gradual progress over time. My right knee (no surgery) took a lot of time!

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