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Can You Overdo Sled Drags?

Chandramauli, [20/09/2023 18:46]

Hey i wanted to ask that can sled drags be overdone...

I mean i have been doing sled drags for 2minutes x8 , 27 percent of my body weight and deep knee bends every single day and today when i played football the deceleration position didnt seem very comfortable on my knees

Ben Patrick, [20/09/2023 18:53]

“Deep knee bends every single day”. What program are you on exactly?

You can overdo literally anything in life. So, the answer would be YES to any question you could possibly say that is “can you overdo…?”

I suggest coaches follow the Standards program, that will prevent overtraining, and allow you to make your body more bulletproof by measurably improving your weakest links.

Chandramauli, [20/09/2023 18:54]

I am doing dense but I was doing deep knee bends in addition.

Ben Patrick, [20/09/2023 18:54]

Dense uses deep squats only once per week. I suggest not overdoing anything. 👍 And definitely working to master all 20 Standards is my best advice for a coach to prevent overtraining and improve your weakest links. Dense also fantastic but I would keep your movements varied.

If you want to decelerate with bulletproof knees, you need measurable strength increase over time. Daily bodyweight deep knee bends do not have enough force potential for a high force sport. So daily bodyweight deep knee bends would not mathematically be a good choice for your goal. A patient, focused system of improving ATG split squat and ATG squat, would make more sense mathematically for your goals.

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