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Cardio for Gen Pop: Lifting Weights and Breathing Exercises

Jason Lane, [26/02/2023 21:14]

I have too much to say about that to put my thumbs through the amount of work it would require to express all my thoughts. 

Simple answer for me is…

I think lifting weights can provide some cardio. Kettlebells come to mind. Sleds are going to improve cardio as well. I’m talking gen pop here. 

If your sport requires elite levels of cardiovascular endurance then you’ll need to train for that. 

And even then you can level up with some breathing exercises for endurance 😉

Ben Patrick, [26/02/2023 21:17]

Totally makes sense. Write an article. #1 reason I write them is so I don’t have to repeat a super long answer, AND can give my best answer… I highly recommend coaches WRITE as part of your lifestyle 🔥

@painfreelifeguy I think that would make a great article to layer the different levels as you see it. For me: I strength train + play basketball. I play as hard as I can so it’s serious cardio. But if I didn’t, I would want some form of that. And I think it’s a no-brainer to work on every possible angle of performance.

If I was in an endurance sport I would absolutely work on my breath and compare my stats. Same reason I squat full range of motion: I could see tangible results. In endurance sports you have tangible results, and every advantage would make sense to see if it gets results.

My Michael Jordan theory is when you can DO more you get more tired… So by continuing to DO MORE in a game, you then gradually get an endurance advantage too. Here’s a real example

I hadn’t played basketball at all in 8 months… Now I play once every 10 days or so because I still go back and forth to LA some, but we’re now 8 games in…

Week 1, played as hard as I could, brutally tired. But knowing my MJ rule, I kept at it.

In Weeks 2 and beyond I’ve even started getting LOWER than normal on defense, like freaky low. My defense shot to new levels of domination but I got even more tired.

Now two nights ago, I was able to do all of the above, and afterward still repeatedly do this LOL… (because I messed up my lines repeatedly) (video on the basketball court)

Once I’m playing once every week or two, I can play against pros and make them look out of shape. Guys who play basketball their whole lives, and they’re laying down, literally, barely able to finish playing against me, because of MJ theory. For them to all of a sudden have to keep up with how hard I play, and how hard I get, now they are experiencing demands they haven’t adapted to. But this also means to GET like MJ, you have to endure feeling awful at first, because you literally exert harder than your opponent is willing to

So unless you have special genetics, it’s no different than squatting full range of motion. Harder today, easier tomorrow. Bear in mind I intentionally do NOT exhaust advanced methods. I don’t take joint supplements for example: people assume I do ALL the joint treatments. I do zero. I try to master the most fundamentally needed parts of something and SEE if that works. So if I wasn’t winning in basketball, I would go further.

Dave Chesser, [26/02/2023 21:27]

Roger that! But if the client doesn't play a sport, then programming cardio outside of ATG specific exercises is acceptable, correct?

Ben Patrick, [26/02/2023 21:27]

Then it’s very possibly needed! My personal conclusion was hill sprints once every week or two, alternating forward and backward. Sprint up, walk down, to exhaustion.

So hopefully all my thoughts on this are not meant to say breath work isn’t valid. It could add another layer! Just as fish oil could for joints! There’s nothing wrong with mastering every layer!

I don’t floss my knees or take supplements for my knees. But it doesn’t mean I don’t think they work. I do ATG training, when I jump I balance my dunk plants. That’s already ahead of 99.999% in basketball and I really enjoy those things.

For me it’s not about being right or wrong, but getting RESULTS and enjoying the process. So if someone wasn’t getting results, I’d check the application of the basics AND advise flossing, etc.

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