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Chase Duty, Not Views: Marketing Cheat Code

Ben Patrick, [15/11/2022 21:21]

We have a new marketing cheat code. My YouTube channel is able to slingshot any video into circulation on YouTube. 16k views already in a day, with 2k subscribers. But the video is needed!

Make content that is a DUTY for the world to have access to. Keep me posted.

I can’t post everything, but if I feel it’s a duty to get out there, I’ll post it to my YouTube community.

Lately I don’t even start planning a video until it is a burning desire that I feel I must get out there as an educational resource. Don’t chase views. Chase duty. It may guide you well.

YouTube is still SEVERELY lacking ATG knowledge. So, supplying something regarding how you use ATG, that YouTube doesn’t have education on, but needs to. It’s new territory.

Go ahead and search “ATG Split Squat” and you’ll see what I mean. Meanwhile there’s probably been over 100 excellent IG videos on ATG Split Squat

If you chase what feels like a DUTY to put out there, that will probably work.

Standards Program may also be a good thing to include because on their own, people really mess up the forms and overdo things while missing others. Standards Program online is safest bet OR hire an in-person coach.

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