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Chicken thigh > breasts for higher fat intake


Is eating chicken thigh instead of breast good for someone trying to get more fats in?


Not an ATG question. But feel free to @ a specific diet coach who is also an ATG coach.

The ATG answer would be: either is fine, because you’re not eating processed crap. That’s as far as a general ATG answer would go. ✅ So in your case, good job! And if you are trying to get more fats, and chicken thighs have more fats, then you don’t need to ask that question.

If I’m ever ruthless, it’s on reminding you of your own power. As your friend, I’m telling you: don’t ask that question. You already answered it for yourself. With common sense ALONE you are an ELITE human being. ✅ You are very powerful Gregory - and here within ATG you can start practicing that. 

Our KING movements… have zero studies on them. By nature, we are a group of common sense, not waiting for imagined authorities to approve of common sense. I needn’t remind you what idiots often run the world. Don’t fall into the trap. The authorities said NO KNEES OVER TOES despite NO evidence of this being bad! WOW! Welcome to planet earth 2023.

You will have a sense within you - common sense - that tells you if you’re right or wrong. You will feel that sense to some degree. Build on that. 🔥

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