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Client Retention Tips from Fitness Professionals

Ryan Milton, [29/12/2022 21:01]

I agree. I had a client that decided to quit recently, and she had mentioned cool sculpting a couple times. I had a feeling when she was talking about things like that that she wasn’t going to stick around for too long. I tried my best to keep her and work with her but at the end of it all, I cant put the the work in for other people.

Amy Hughes, [30/12/2022 01:33]

You can lead them to water…. It is definitely a hard lesson I have had to learn, but you can’t want it more for them than they do. Thankfully, there are plenty who want is as much as we want to help. :)

Ben Patrick, [30/12/2022 02:38]

I lost tons of clients at first. The group dynamic plays a part… As my own gym built up, people had more interaction and could see and hear more results.

Amy Ryan I think the highest retention rate I saw, was when my in-person gym was just bursting with results, because even new people could get more of a feel for it and had more confidence in it. So keep building in your communities and I think the retention gets easier and easier. I lost clients at first just like anyone else, and still do. Another tip: Even if a client leaves, treat them like gold. Clients will return when you treat them well regardless. I cannot take the credit, my mom is unreal. She runs our customer service and I learned from her.

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