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Coaches should walk the walk

Marcus Williams, [09/09/2023 16:34]

As more coaches become more athletic this will shift. To the outside world we do not look athletic. We look like we do rehab. As coaches we are the representation of whether these principles truly work.

If we just drop truth but don’t actually have our own athletic transformation then I doubt we make the true impact.

I said this last year and it was met with some feedback. I’ll say it again.

Every coach in here should do our 3 main programs 12 weeks each.

Why? Because you need to have our transformation in order to be someone worth following.

One thing I can say for sure is that when @Kneesovertoesguy shows up in REAL LIFE. He can do the things he talks about

So it’s crucial for us to not just talk the talk but to also walk the walk.

Ben Clarfield, [10/09/2023 02:21]

Marcus I think you’re a great coach but I disagree with this prescription fundamentally.

It’s great that you have done it.

it’s great that others choose to do it but it’s incorrect to say everyone should do it.

It is ONE and only ONE.way to go about what we do.

It’s not the only way and actually it’s not even the best way.

Different coaches have different goals.

ATG programming can be specific to those goals.

That’s the point of what I do for ATG and it’s the point of tailored coaching for in person coaches.

You can do your programming however you choose but others can tailor the ATG way to themselves.

I say that with love and respect.

I respectfully and lovingly disagree but I love and support your choice for how you program.

Ben Patrick, [10/09/2023 02:40]

I think what makes ATG unique is the movements we master. Like having quality ingredients, and then there could be many different types of chefs, all amazing.

But I also understand what Marcus is saying… Programs like Dense:

10 sets of ATG split squats!

Definitely a recipe that makes it simple to make a transformation. And I think you both see all these things 🫡

Marcus Williams, [10/09/2023 02:46]

The only reason I post in here is because I have room to give what I know is working. I didn’t come to this group seeking something. God has given me more than enough so all I’m here to do is inspire those who want what I have. Respect to what you have going on.

It’s just interesting that the kneesovertoesguys program isn’t the best foundation for everyone in here to at least start from?

After someone gets some real life experience then sure go for it.

When you have a system that works it just doesn’t make sense to reinvent the wheel.

Everyone needs a good foundation.

Ben Patrick, [10/09/2023 03:19]

Love that Marcus!. Your contributions are much appreciated and will have huge effects as ATG goes forward.

Zero - Dense - Standards gives a coach tools for life is a progressive manner.

I appreciate that bro. 🙏It’s been an awesome journey.

Standards was the simplification of the ATG system in-person. Zero was created when the pandemic hit. Keegan and I created Dense soon after, as a way to gradually progress loads. It’s very fortunate how this worked out. Incredible foundation. All these years later and I’m obsessed with making all my Standards better than ever.

For most people, mastering the basics at higher and higher levels… is the route to shocking potentials! Can’t wait to work with you more Marcus. This journey is just beginning.

Dave Chesser, [10/09/2023 19:18]

(About Ben Clarfield message)

I second this and having been a trainer for years, my first thought looking at the app was that none of the programs met my specific needs. I was confused about what to do at first but Ben's repeated statement that ATG is the exercises, not the programming, gave me the freedom to explore and I found my answers in the archives.

In particular, the article on doing calf/kot calf/hamstring/couch stretch every single day for sets of 1:30 was a game changer for me and I didn't see that in any program on the app. When I started doing that, things moved forward. If I just did the programs as written, I still wouldn't have passed level 1.

If you're a beginner coach then sticking with the program and mastering at least one so you know what makes it tick is something I personally could see as useful. But if you have the knowledge and experience to do your own programming especially for the clients you train, then for me that's superior.

Hope I'm not talking out of turn.

Ben Patrick, [10/09/2023 20:04]



Zero-Dense-Standards super helpful to be able THINK about training… By the end, you KNOW it, and can apply it in any way necessary

Great insights Dave.

For the record I don’t even recall the article you mentioned lol! Which kind of proves the point.

Ben Clarfield, [10/09/2023 22:09]

No that’s totally fair.

For clarity I’ve trained this way with Charles Poliquin since 2009.

So again, we have the ability to choose our paths while chipping away at our weak links.

Here for you all in strength and health.

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