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Coaching program pricing and deliverables discussion.

Julian Desmond, [29/08/2023 01:57]

Hey guys just joined the coaching program this last week and was working on setting up a pricing structure with deliverables for clients.

Was curious if most of you are delivering a list of deliverables and pricing on the same page. I was also hoping to potentially fill in some gaps for potential deliverables.

This is what I have so far:

⁃ Fully Customized Program curated to ongoing schedule changes

⁃ Weekly Check In call

⁃ Tracked progress (weekly progress pictures, weight tracker, previous workouts)

⁃ Ongoing Support ie. answers to anything health, lifestyle, fitness related (24 hour response time)

⁃ Online Form Coaching (24 hour response time)

This is my first time coaching, I have 2 clients for now I am focusing on over delivering and under charging to get a grasp on what I need to iterate as I move forward.

Appreciate the responses in advance, and I look forward to connecting with more of you in the future!

Ben Patrick, [29/08/2023 01:59]

@JulianDesmond9 smart!

Short-term, get experience! But keep studying from successful trainers as you do so.

Have you read Ben Clarfield’s pricing model yet? If not, he or @strangeofmotion will send it to you.

Eric Williams, [29/08/2023 02:08]

Just my 2 cents, but I'd say all those metrics may or may not resonate with who you work with and be of value to begin with. i always found that when i tried to anticipate their needs, they didnt want those things anyway haha. not saying they are bad, but think of it like this:

- ask current client, what do you need?

- do it well, document how you did it

- next client, ask them what they need. if its in line with what you are already doing, tell them how it works

- if its wildly different, decide if you want to go down that road (for example, I no longer offer nutrition coaching), repeat step 1

- build your list of services from there

I can almost guarantee that a year from now it will have all gone down wildly different that what you anticipated, so the most important thing is to just get clients, service them relentlessly, get referrals and be so good that you have a wait list. the deliverables end up being just "lessons, measurement and boundaries" from all your experience as a sum total

then with an army of successes behind you, you can build those deliverables based on your track record of helping people

I believe Ben and Alissa shared a story from the inception of zero. They were headed to the store to put stuff together for the pandemic. The people said “yea how about no equipment.” Zero was born. The rest is history

Ben Patrick, [29/08/2023 04:06]

Great advice Eric.

Exactly… Business has an aspect that is often overlooked, which is REALLY listening to what customers want… Covid hit. Guess what question I was getting most?

We tried Home Depot and I put out a Home Depot program. No joke. Using stuff only from Home Depot. But people wanting ZERO, LITERAL ZERO. So I lived 6 months with zero equipment, polishing zero. To this day it’s our most-used program by over 4X any other program. And has sold over 100,000 book copies. I just listened, then went to uncommon lengths in the trenches to provide solutions.

The latest “business breakthrough” is the backward treadmill. Guess what the number one question has been for YEARS…? “What do I do without a sled?”

So after Zero, the next big breakthrough (from my perspective as a knee coach) is the Backward Treadmill.

It will never stop. We have some wild stuff being made behind the scenes. Some doesn’t even have to do with ATG. But is from what I see ATGers demanding. So this concept applies all the way to a brand new client.

Now I feel like I could go into any field and make winning businesses. Not from my “ideas” but from being able to observe. That’s it. It’s one of the rarest skills because in the modern education system, observing what you observe is beaten out of us. We are forced to abandon common sense. We have have THOUSANDS of instances of being forced to abandon common sense. So, the average person can no longer even see what is. Every student learn algebra, zero learn how to do their taxes. There’re thousands of days of common sense being squashed on ONE subject one. It’s happened so many times that probably almost none of us realize just how many times we have been forced to do things that are just wrong. Want to learn algebra? GO FOR IT. But people don’t even know basic skills EVERYONE will need. That’s just one example.

Kids in schools should make the food. Key skill. Key knowledge. Every day you grow up and don’t prepare your food, you’re beating down your common sense.

Every day schools and hospitals feed junk, and that’s normal, you’re beating down your common sense.

Maybe it’s in the hundreds of thousands per person, of common sense being squashed.

That’s why I’m making a school. Has to be done. EVERY single parent I’ve ever talked to is demanding better school. So I will make that. Very simple. I only have to see what is. That’s it. No opinion necessary.

My school will have a chef who teaches the kids how to make the food. Very simple. Less waste actually. Everyone happier. Everyone contributing. Everyone smarter. Common sense intact.

Just one example on food. Only real, fresh food. Only the kids make it. The EDUCATOR (chef) teaches them.

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