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Combining CrossFit and ATG

Ben Patrick, [02/08/2022 23:34]

(Question about programming and combining CrossFit with ATG)

I do think the 2 CrossFit 2 ATG could be a great strategy. With quad weakness I'd keep it damn simple though. Like if it's just me I'd do 10 x 10 Poliquin Step Up on Monday and 10 x 5 ATG Split Squat on Thursday. CrossFit works a lot of pulls already but not eccentric knee flexion and not back extensions, so I'd get 5 x 5 nordic eccentric on Monday and 5 x 10 back extension on Thursday. Then depending on your goals I'd add in some lower leg work, hip-flexors, and maybe external rotations etc. But CrossFit hits a lot so I'd be basing the ATG work on the motions that CrossFit doesn't hit. I have had a lot of success with really simple volume programs to bring up exercises that haven't been trained much and really get into the ZONE on the forms. For example CrossFit will already have squats but not split squats. So I don't think you have to do too many exercises per session on your 2 ATG days.

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