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Combining exercises: short-term gain, long-term loss

Cameron Kidder, [30/06/2023 20:07]

Anybody ever tried combining split squats with French Press??

I was doing split squats with dumbbells on the side, and my grip was fatigued, but needed some kind of load for my legs.

Feels awesome, and really helps to keep the trunk upright and T-spine extended

Ben Patrick, [30/06/2023 20:27]


1. Super impressive

2. I personally don’t use “mixed” exercises, but I’ll explain why…

Short-term, it’s probably great for the body! Long-term, you would be missing out on progressive overload of strength and range. Some people stay the same for many years, never getting as athletic or bulletproof as they hoped for. This represents most athletic coaches. But if you examine their programs, there’s very little progression, mostly mixture stuff. Additionally, fragile clients struggle more with mixture stuff since they can’t keep intention on the targeted areas.

So, I personally would not coach or perform mixture exercises, but that doesn’t mean they are “bad”. Just that I’d rather use the best tool for the job, with full intent, and gradual long-term transformation of ability.

Hope that helps

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