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Combo for Powell Raises and QLs

JR, [10/06/2023 17:18]

Few weeks ago I mentioned a combo with Powell Raises and QLs , here is the set up I have been trying. Notice my non working hand is bracing on the hip pad. After the set of Powell raises , switch to that hand for QLs. They should already be somewhat fatigued and this set wasn’t to failure but I’m curious the feedback and any corrections.

Ben Patrick, [10/06/2023 17:29]

JR whether trained together, or separately, if intent and progressive overload (or more reps) are there = gains for two commonly underdeveloped areas! 🔥🔥✅✅

JR, [10/06/2023 17:36]

Thank you…I think I could go a little heavier to get to that magic overload and failure zone if I didn’t already crush my shoulders with heavy essentric Y raises inspired from the shoulder video posted Thursday. My almost 49 year old shoulders never felt this healthy!

Ben Patrick, [10/06/2023 17:41]

That’s amazing JR!!!! Looks like solid weight too. Tough moves at first. For example, QL I just do one set each side to tap out, nice and controlled, bodyweight-only, gets the job done (about 20 reps per side still gets me sore). So, I’m not saying you have to go heavy. Whatever weight works for the reps to get adaptation.

Face Pulls are where I like to load up more. I’ll shoot a new Face Pull form video this week.

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