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Comparing ATG Basics and Dense Programming

Stephen, [01/08/2023 14:16]

Hey everyone, where does ATG Basics fit in with Dense in terms of programming? For our own training and for clients?

Ben Patrick, [01/08/2023 14:23]

@stephenprimal programming is infinite. I suggest coaches use my programs only as fuel for your own templates for your clients. But here are key differences…

Dense was made during the pandemic as an epic workout that is simple to do:

1. Gains ✅

2. Form mastery (one exercise many times) ✅

3. Minimal equipment ✅

Dense is timeless. With an in-person client you can cover more exercises. We loved Dense online because people had to slowly master form.

Which works better? Honestly, I don’t know. They’re both great. The main difference is Dense-style is less movements per session, for more sets. ATG Basics covers more exercises per session, for less sets

In-person I like ATG Basics because I can coach the form on every exercise. But variety is the spice of training. You are always free to mix it up.

ATG is the movements. Endless ways you can program.

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