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Comparison of Kneesovertoesguy Programs

Daniel Pfohl, [11/09/2023 15:34]

@Kneesovertoesguy hi Ben are you able to give some insight as to the recommendation for each of the newer programs ?

Basic, standards, knee ability pro , ATG pro and ATG basics . I have a little paralysis by analysis going on with trying to chose which one would be best for me 😳

Ben Patrick, [11/09/2023 18:14]

Daniel all similar! All geared toward mastering the movements. Pro uses the most different equipment types. Zero nothing. Dense only a few items needed. Standards more, but all realistic from home. Pro uses everything. Standards is unique in this aspect… Monday legs, Tuesday upper, Wednesday flexibility. That’s it. So you have Thurs and Fri to work on your weakest links. So that’s a solid option for coaches to explore. Because you have that freedom to then bring up your weakest links and/or goal areas.

So for a coach, I’d advise that one simply because it’ll force you to construct some of your own workouts too. I’d recommend it for that reason alone, to bridge into your own workout creation.

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