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Corporate wellness presentation format: basics and toolkit.

Drake Davis, [03/06/2023 20:38]

The live basics demos you've been uploading from the get-together are a great format to follow. Get the given audience on some form of basics and leave them with a toolkit to work with. Would be perfect for a multi-part corporate wellness presentation

Ben Patrick, [03/06/2023 21:08]

@imDrake757 thanks brother!

The Sled, Step up, Split squat, Squat, Stretch format worked great at CrossFit and Sorinex seminars so we realized we should film it better and teach it for lower back and shoulders too.

And if you need to give group class style, then I think mix it up i.e.:



Lower back


With different versions throughout the week. Depending on the group you could even add ankle after sled, or make other tweaks.

Drake Davis, [03/06/2023 21:12]

those are the areas you’d target each workout? just vary the movement selection session to session?

Ben Patrick, [03/06/2023 21:22]

Yes in-person I ran classes with that general format: sled, knee, lower Back, shoulder. I would throw in bonus movements for certain clients, and often a stretch they could do after each session.

Sled, Step up, Seated GM, Rotator.

Sled, Split squat, Back extension, Pull up.

Sled, Slant squat, Low cable pull in, DB Shoulder press

These are sample sessions. Alissa and I coached 10-20 women per class Mostly moms with little exercise background. But the same flows worked well even for athletic folks That is a general class format that can work. Meanwhile… Monday knee, Wednesday back, Friday shoulder (Hard sledding before every session), can also work, and is easier to get deeper rehab results, and higher-end performance results. This is what I’m using currently.

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