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Covering both sides of the shoulder joint

Shaya Weinstein, [01/06/2023 18:16]

Q: In the recent podcasts of @Kneesovertoesguy and @atg_sensei I've heard you guys mention covering "both sides of the joint". Regarding the ankle or the hip or the shoulder, do we have a way of addressing stability? Preventing ankle inversion injuries ("rolling") or shoulder subluxations. Can you detail how our exercises address these issues?

Ben Patrick, [01/06/2023 21:03]


Shaya if you look at the MAIN muscles of the ankle, they run front and back, like calf and Tib. But there are even smaller muscles and you can train the ankle in more detail if recovery from ankle sprains

For the shoulder we already train it in a variety of angles. What other program presses full range at each angle? It’s very rare…

Tomorrow’s shoulder workout (picture of ATG Basics workout) 

(And our coaches are trained on Paretials for early stage or extra shoulder stability)

You’ll see in a single session how many angles the shoulders are worked.

Shaya Weinstein, [01/06/2023 21:30]

I see your point. And the anterior musculature even runs laterally as well. And correct, I guess I didn’t understand the shoulder program ad well before asking

Ben Patrick, [01/06/2023 21:37]

No worries… Shoulder is only recently being explained as a full ATG system. The live demo with Ben C and Keegan and Fernando and Marcel will be done editing next week.

Back Ability just finished editing, 36 minutes.

Long ass video… however, we were trying our best to capture the data for those of you who weren’t there with us in-person.

Everyone went through FULL workouts for each category, which I think was a pretty cool free “seminar” compared to being lectured to. Massive thanks to everyone for assembling together. ♾❤️

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