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Customizing ATG Basics Program

Ben Patrick, [13/06/2023 19:35]

ATG Basics Program Update:

ATG Basics is 3 days per week. It gives a framework to then customize from there. Example:

My personal customization is simple. On Sundays I add 10 sets of 1 full squat with chains controlling down about 5 seconds, working up to max “perfect form single”. I’m up to 225 + 100+ pounds of chains (they happen to be 26.5 per chain and I use 4). I then go play basketball and afterward do about 5 dunks off each of the 4 plants .

These simple additions of squats and jump balance turn ATG Basics into one of my favorite programs I’ve ever done. Dunking is getting easier and my explosion and bounce on the court feels incredible.

Just wanted to give this real-world example of how you could keep in the basics and still customize.

*You could even say that 3 days customizes to my life as a dad and running ATG. By having days off between workouts, my motivation is HIGH. I sometimes sneak in something on the off days because I’m so refreshed, but it’s purely optional and would relate to personal weak points.

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