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Dealing with Bakers Cysts in Athletes

  1. Ryan Milton, [04/05/2023 19:01]

Has anybody else experienced problems with bakers cysts (popliteal cysts) personally or with clients? 

From what I can gather, it results from excess sinovial fluids, and with the full range movements that we do in ATG I know we are getting much more synovial fluid action than the average person. 

I’ve personally tried taking breaks, then lessening the amount of leg days and the amount of work being done on them and nothing has worked in hopes of the cyst dissipating on its own. 

If anyone has experience with these or knows a good way to get rid of them I would appreciate it greatly. I would be surprised to hear that nobody else has dealt with this. If that’s the case, I’d also be very grateful on what you think I could have been doing wrong to have this develop where it doesn’t happen to others.

It has been almost half a year now that I have been having this problem, and it’s not stopping me from anything but hamstring work really. It’s mostly just an annoyance to have something clicking/rolling/moving behind my knee all the time. I only experience pain with it when I do hamstring curl type work.

Ben Patrick, [04/05/2023 19:17]

⬆️ definitely worth knowing if anyone has resolved this! I only know of results from the basics.

Interestingly… The two cases I’ve personally worked with on that were VERY athletic. One of them being Mookie Betts, one of most athletic baseball players, $365,000,000 contract. Can do Nordics better than me, without any training!!

Point is, there’s gotta be something interesting going on there. Ben Clarfield any insight? ⬆️

I only did basics with Mookie and he said it went away. So I didn’t get into further details on it.

Other one was Sonny Bill Williams, one of best rugby players ever, so @keegancoach may have insight on that one because he worked with Sonny in-person.

And Ryan you’re a totally shredded, mobile dude. So it’s very unusual that such athletic people would have that specific issue. Perhaps external strength exceeding internal somehow.

Ben Clarfield, [04/05/2023 19:23]

Yes totally agreed on the basics. Also slow tempo work and pauses at loads people can do.

Ben Patrick, [04/05/2023 19:27]

⬆️ smart… Slow eccentric work is still underrated. Forces bulletproofing adaptation to be ahead of expression.

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