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Dealing with Patellar Femoral Pain Syndrome

Max Nelson, [10/07/2023 04:32]

Has anyone dealt with patellar femoral pain syndrome? Is there anything different I should be aware of outside of focusing on knee ability?

Brian Ziegler, [10/07/2023 04:51]

Just keep everything pain-free as usual. Make sure their activities outside of ATG training isn't make things worse. 

"PFPS" is just a physician's fancy sounding way of saying "I have no idea". Similar to "shoulder impingement" and "IT Band syndrome".

Ben Patrick, [12/07/2023 05:09]

Max hundreds if not thousands of cases…

Sled, Step up, Split squat, Squat + knee flexion and lower legs and flexibility.

Full approach of all the power points where the knee has to handle big force. Then it’s just master of each layer. You can absolutely create a knee that doesn’t hurt from sports, etc.

@TheATGClinician important insight - we are lucky to have Brian. Helps to have people in this chat who can decipher what doctors tell people about their knees etc.

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