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Determining Muscle Twitch Type for Training

Bryce Merriman, [17/02/2023 11:39]

How do I determine whether a muscle is more fast twitch Vs slow twitch?

Is this even possible or based on individuals?

Ben Patrick, [19/02/2023 19:18]

Bryce that’s not part of how I address the body, but doesn’t mean you couldn’t learn about it 👍

I take it case by case and goal by goal… Growing vastus medialis on a slantboard with high sets/reps is my #1 method for getting basketball players jumping higher, based on actual results. Sets of 20 isn’t “fast-twitch” but it works because those athletes so badly need their knees and vastus medialis built up more. And don’t have knees capable of jumping into heavy, deep squats. Meanwhile, I drive my own slant squat to 3 rep max lol. I hit all the rep ranges, including heavy. But most basketball players get out of the muck with sets of 10-20 reps on slant.

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