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Diet Tips

Areeb Ahmed, [01/09/2023 23:21]

Greetings brothers and sisters!

 I am working with researchers and coaches to create effective and easy fat-loss solutions. 

Please DM me if you are interested in joining the team and helping to cure this world of Obesity.

Ben Patrick, [02/09/2023 02:23]

@Areebra and what have you found?

I’ve found that the answers are simple: exercise and real food - but society makes it hard to get real food. To me, obesity epidemic is that simple: less activity and more junk calories. End story. The amount of junk food marketed at us means no matter what you find, you still have that battle, and they have more money to advertise than those of us with the solutions. By all means, HELP HELP HELP! But the answer is simple. Solving it is not because too many billionaires profit on us being fat. That’s your enemy. Knowledge is all around. But that enemy is hard to beat!

Ben Patrick, [02/09/2023 02:34]

@Areebra Please give your summary of the situation. In this group chat it’s best to be very clear and not use the chat for personal purposes without clarification.

José V, [02/09/2023 02:26]

Im booked Areeb! Hoping this community can make a big enough impact that we can tackle the WHO issue and other genocidal institutions. 

"The moral arch of the universe bends towards the truth"

Ben Patrick, [02/09/2023 02:41]

It’s easy to be healthy, but also easy to be unhealthy. Coca Cola and many others won’t just disappear. Walk into a grocery store and you see how many billion dollar companies make junk. It’s immense. I don’t see the obesity epidemic ending any time soon, but I do see that more and more families can take their health upon themselves. It’s too late for the masses. Too late for the modern school system. But maybe we can create better systems for those desiring an alternative. And in the social media age, you can topple false data, at least to some extent.

But I don’t think the obesity epidemic is from lack of knowledge. It’s easier to eat junk and not move, and too heavily marketed at the common person, who doesn’t have enough purpose for life to withstand it.

Areeb Ahmed, [02/09/2023 03:45]

I have found that what you are saying is true. It is simple but not always easy.

I researched and developed w a couple other coaches a method to lose weight EVEN if you are eating common food, in less than 15 mins daily without dieting or going to the gym. It involves a few key habits like drinking water before eating, getting out of breath atleast 1x a day, chewing 30-40 times per swallow, and a few other things.

 My idea is that this will serve as the first stepping stone for people to go on and change their lifestyle in order to be more healthy. 

For example the chewing habit makes a few junk food items taste a lot different.

The water drinking habit is just caloric restriction through curbing hunger.

The EasySlim program is founded on the smallest most impactful steps an overweight person can take to start losing weight and living healthier.

I think there is a lack of easily ACTIONABLE knowledge.

Calorie counting entails a lot of willpower to most people. 

What if you triggered the right signals in your body to stop your hunger and cravings so you didn't even WANT to eat?

Both are caloric restriction, yet the method is different and they will have drastically different demands of willpower and thus different effects on the masses.

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