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Difference between FHL and standing calf raise

Zack Gallagher, [03/06/2023 02:13]

Is the main difference between an FHL Calf Raise and a standing calf raise the amount of ankle bend?? And because of this ankle bend, we are training the FHL, which is connected to our big toe, which strengthens our big toe, correct?

Ben Patrick, [03/06/2023 02:39]

@zack_gallagher standing calf raise is great. FHL Calf Raise is a very easy way to get started into ankle mobility, with less DOMs.

FHL + KOT Calf Raises make great go-tos for high reps with just a wall. The idea of those two was to mimic not having a sled, for the lower legs, plus knee over toes isometric to help progress into step ups.

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