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Dip shoulder pain on bar but not rings

Jeremy Hay, [30/06/2023 16:31]

What do you guys think? I have had pain in deep dips in the past on parallel bars, but not necessarily on rings. Any thoughts on this idea? I know for some of you, the deep dips are what helped get you out of pain, not in it.

Ben Patrick, [30/06/2023 17:52]

Jeremy a healthy and protected shoulder should be able to dip 20 reps shoulders-below-elbows, pain-free. GETTING THERE doesn’t mean just forcing through. The well-rounded ATG shoulder system makes it smooth.

I just did his podcast 2 nights ago actually. Great guy! He’s become a huge ATG proponent!

Jeremy Hay, [30/06/2023 17:55]

I was wondering, haha. I have noticed more of his content incorporating some form of ATG principles. 

That was my general thought, too. If you take care of all of the limiting factors, such as your external rotators, and building mobility, then progressively moving into deeper dips should be a pretty straight forward path. Thanks for the input

Ben Patrick, [30/06/2023 19:08]

Jeremy totally…

The 20 rep minimum on shoulder below elbow dips is my NUMBER ONE upper body standard for sprint speed. Keeps the shoulders mobile while allowing rapid arm swing.

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