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Dips and Chins for Strong Upper Body

Ben Patrick, [16/06/2023 16:46]

On a personal note, today was my first day being able to do 20 reps shoulders-below-elbows on dips.

Dips and chins are a great way for people seeking maximum speed, to still have a strong upper body. It’s self-limiting, because you’re lifting your own body. On that same note, your slowest athletes will often be awful at dips and chins, and your natural FREAKS will often be amazing at them. So it helps a slow person realize they’re weak.

Today is a unique workout on ATG Basics: Sled 100yd warm up, upper body session, timed sled 100yd finisher.

Looks like if you can do the 100yd (50 forward 50 backward) under 60 seconds, you should add load.

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