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Ben Patrick, [08/02/2023 04:40]

If anyone wants to try the EAA-electrolyte I’ve been taking, Fernando is having a flash sale, $25 on Amazon. I’m in no way financially attached to it. I love supporting my brother from the OG ATG.

Geoff Reed, [08/02/2023 12:24]

Just ordered. When do you take it during the day, Ben?

Ben Patrick, [08/02/2023 14:49]


1. 4 scoops EAA-electrolyte sipped in 32 ounces of water all morning (that’s 20g EAA), training is around 10am

2. Lunch is 2-3 grass fed burger patties = 16-24 ounces

3. Dinner is two steaks = 16-24 ounces total, plus massive basic salad: organic greens, avocado, lemon/olive oil dressing

*sometimes I sub 16-24 ounces of salmon as the protein

I have my own nutrition bar of just coconut-honey-EAA (nothing else added) I’ve been testing and have perfected (to my taste) now which I mimic when I’m personally out of stock (meaning having some coconut and/or honey, which is not convenient but satisfies the calories if I feel I need them). I use this if I am still hungry at all during that eating window around the 2 meals. It’ll come out later this year due to timing it with ready to drink EAA-electrolyte as a more productive alternative to Gatorade.

Fruit, coconut, honey… are my 3 fave carb sources. That aspect varies by mood lol.

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