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Educating on Benefits of Walking Backwards

Shamgar G, [10/09/2023 17:59]

Had an opprtunity to explain about the benefits of walking backwards to a guy at the gym today. He was shocked that i did 5 mins sleds for warm up with 60kgs. Then he asked me to try sleds at the end of his workout. And he was exhausted. I told him that it will just get him ready before hhe start workout, then he answered me with “yeah i’ll be ready to go home”😂😂

Ben Patrick, [10/09/2023 18:00]

Shamgar G awesome job brother! Thank you for educating.

Since we ATGers are still a new and minority bunch in the fitness world, we are NOT just coaches, we are educators. Whether we intended to be or not. Being an educator is a great responsibility.

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