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Effective 5-Second Pauses for Mobility and Strength

Ben Patrick, [09/02/2023 00:34]

The 5 second pauses are just so effective for mobility!!

I did probably 6 to 8 sets of 5 reps of them today. I think it’s always okay to do more sets on something if a client desires so. I think the nature of the pause also makes it a potent strength exercise with less loaded needed, due to the intense tension needed to get out of the bottom position without any momentum.

Additionally, the pause in the bottom allows greater intent on form, and greater depth and form means more actual load on the targeted muscles.

“It’s not the load on the bar, but the load on the muscle” is something Charles Poliquin told me should be printed on the wall in massive letters, in any gym. There’s a lot of truth to that

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