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Efficiently Combining Training Programs in 12 Weeks

Ian Oosthuizen, [27/02/2023 11:06]

@Kneesovertoesguy would it be crazy of me to try and do Standards, Dense, Zero all in 12 weeks as a 3 a day training program?

I am going to have 3-4 months of free training time and am wondering how I could use it most efficiently to go through all the programs without the pressure of performance and only growth.

I watched one of the calls and one of the things said was that we need to go through the things our selves before we prescribe/give it to someone else to do.

If you had 3-4months of free time and didnt have to worry about anything else for those 4 months, would this be an ok thing to try do?

Ben Patrick, [02/03/2023 20:32]

Ian great question. As a coach, the programs can flow well: Zero can be used as a warm-up. Dense sessions are short. 6 weeks of Dense sets you up for greater strength in 6 weeks of Standards.

Programs are just framework. The main ideas being: Zero requires no equipment and is an education about building from the ground up. Dense forces mastering a given weight rather than rushing to higher weights too soon. Standards you then measurably see where you’re at.

Even now, we are doing Shred, which combines all 3:

-Flows from the ground up

-short breaks

-still allows you to see your strength

So, programs are just frameworks. But those are some ideas.

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