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Exercises for Patella Tendon Pain Relief

Joe Erlic, [18/07/2023 21:46]

Question: For someone with pain and swelling in the patella tendon, should they do knee ability if they regress each exercise to pain-free? Let’s say the pain and swelling is on the end of the acute phase. 

Backward/forward sled

Tib raises 

Patrick step

ATG Split Squat 

All good if they regress to pain free reps?

Ben Patrick, [19/07/2023 00:27]

@joeerlic this is what I consistently observe… If they can walk, they can absolutely walk backward to some degree, and they can absolutely train the lower leg. 

Progression of strength backward shifts emphasis to the VMO. This leads to an easier time to bend further. ATG split squat then makes squat feel amazing. Become a MASTER. Slow tempos and pauses can help beginners OWN the positions.

Flossing can help someone get into squat movement if step ups / split squats progress is slow.

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