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Exploring Different Squat Varieties

Max Weiner, [16/08/2023 00:34]


I just watched the video for the klokov squat in the squat school class on the app. It seems like that is what you are mainly doing in the squat school video?

I feel more information on VMO squat, atg squat, and klokov or any others in the family would be helpful. A breakdown of form differences and best uses for each.

I got some help from the coaches in the app but it was a bit difficult to fully understand.

Don't know if anyone has any tips? :)

Ben Patrick, [16/08/2023 16:31]

Max awesome! There are many varieties of squats. The Klokov Squat means controlling down 10 seconds, pausing 2 seconds, then explode up… This allows progression of load but in a safe manner that yields lots of knee protection benefits. It’s a great option for someone trying to get STRONGER but make knee gains at the same time.

I have always tended toward less reps but slower eccentric, on heavier squats. That’s the general scale I would encourage you to think of:

Sled: rapid! 100s of “reps” (steps). All the way to… Heavy squats! Controlling all the way down. You have variables: tempo, range of motion, reps, sets, eccentric/concentric. All just variables. We have to keep exercise interesting and effective somehow. Exercise does a body good for life.

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