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Feeling Insecure Around More Educated Peers.

Kendall Banks, [21/12/2022 01:33]

Did you ever feel insecure around people who were more educated than you? Even though you were more experienced? I feel this way a lot. I'm 32, but only been working as a trainer for two years. I only have an associates degree in exercise science. I feel a little odd around people who have bachelors and masters, and are like six years younger than I am lol

Ben Patrick, [21/12/2022 01:40]

@KendallAB a big part of what shaped ATG… I opened ATG from my garage. I grew my gym without anything but results on my mind. In the early days I hired someone with a Master’s degree… and fired him on Day 1.

So I can feel your pain.🫡 Day 1 with a football team he…

1. Said he couldn’t show them the lifts because he has a bad back

2. Didn’t let anyone use heel elevation on squats, and 3 kids got hurt their backs in the workout

3. When confronted on this, he contested everything I said


I never had to conform. I never had to think I was inferior. So I feel your pain on that, trust me! He came sulking back… but no second chances for that in my book. He showed his true colors. Guess his replacement?

Bingo! No high school degree. No trainer experience. Me + Poliquin + his own drive = world-class coach.

He was working at a stapling factory. Like literally stapling things all day. His full-time job was stapling. Nothing wrong with that. But I’m sure he’s a lot happier now. 🙏 He’s a great guy and we are still close friends. And I learned a ton from him and his own experiences with Poliquin. And I still consult with him to this day.

All that being said, I hold a stigma against people with master’s degrees. Many here have master’s degrees and are world-class coaches. I don’t pin people by labels. ANYONE can be an amazing human being. Regardless of circumstance. And that decision can happen at any time. Regardless of the past. Some are world-class athletes and have mastered ATG movements but lack confidence in others. So I do think, for best results… Stay in the trenches, with your own body and with your clients.

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