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Fixing Knee Problems with ATG Training

Sebastian Albrechtsen, [21/06/2023 13:59]

If someone has no ACL and has had a graft taken from the hamstring (semitendinosus), is the problem still fixable with ATG training? He struggles with bending his knee too far.

Ben Patrick, [21/06/2023 19:23]

@SebAlbrex people overcome these kinds of barriers every day by using ATG. The key is to know… Ability is a scale. So will a 65-year-old with no ACL jump as high as he would have at 18? No. But he could improve ability to whatever extent.

Life isn’t all or nothing. Particularly a human body. They don’t last. But with ATG we have tools to make them fare better.

The more jacked up the issue, the more caution and gentle progression you should use. You can just pick what the person can comfortably do right now, and increase ability from there.

Anyone who can walk, can sled, and anyone who can sled, can increase ability to some extent.

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