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Focus not on knee to fix knees?

Corey Bullard, [20/06/2023 00:41]

Good evening team...@Ben Patrick...what are your thoughts on this please.

(A post of squat_university saying:

"Are you trying to fix your knee pain? The solution is NOT by focusing ON the knee or isolating one muscle (or section of a muscle like the VMO). First off it is because it is physically impossible to isolate that part of the quad. And 2nd, most slow building knee injuries (as opposed to a traumatic injury like a torn ACL) don't occur due to one small muscle weakness but rather problems in a movement (due to mobility & or stability) which overloads tissues at the knee pushing them past their biological capacity levels and sparking pain. Therefore the solution is not to focus on the site of symptoms but rather optimizing movement as a whole and addressing joints above and below the site of symptoms.")

Ben Patrick, [20/06/2023 14:07]

The world at large makes the same mistakes… It’s so simple. You want great ankles, knees, and hips. And on both sides.

Above all, ATG has been a breakthrough in common sense. Knee problems?

YES, you probably have weak KNEES. Yet we also changed the whole game in terms of how we build ANKLES, too, and our split squat takes hip mobility beyond what the masses have ever done. ATG is a whole other level above the people who are still confused and don’t realize you want great ability everywhere! It’s that simple.

It’s not just ankles, or just knees, or just hips, or just triple extension. We changed the game for triple flexion and that has nothing to do with knees over toes lol! Be great everywhere, have no weak or tight links.

“No weak or tight links” probably best summarizes what separates ATG from the rest. “No weak or tight links” is the reverse of the “The secret to X problem is…”

“No weak or tight links” is truth.

“Your knee hurts because of your hip” is not truth. That could be the case for some people. But it’s far from a true statement.

“Don’t try to isolate your knee, VMO, etc.” is not truth. It has worked thousands of times. It has created more success than any knee system prior: by addressing the knee. But it doesn’t mean we only address the knee or that we want the knee more capable than the ankles and hips.

“No weak or tight links” is truth based on how this universe works. Anatomy… physics… I don’t know how to escape those things. So, I chase no weak or tight links.

And so, for that reason, we have no one to attack or put down. Because our whole approach is all positive by nature. We have a positive approach of training the body’s abilities. Rather than a negative one of avoiding abilities.

“No knees over toes” is a negative approach in itself. 

“Ability with knees over toes” is a positive approach.

So, no matter what anyone else ever says… We just make this happen all day every day. We get MANY wins like this every single day (picture of success story). That’s where the focus will always be.

I currently have Jason Statham asking to train with me. Lebron and Draymond talking about ATG yesterday with their barber, who used ATG to save his knees. The biggest podcast in Europe just asked me to go on in July.

It will never stop, and I’ve never made a negative post. It’s just not necessary to tell anyone what not to do. Keep the pressure on results.

I don’t know this guy’s name; I didn’t make a fancy Reel about it.

Members visit me every workout, free. He was told to replace this left knee (picture of one member). Now he was moving the sled like a teenager yesterday and has great range of motion on split squat

Focus on results, stay in the trenches, never change. I almost changed my lifestyle due to # of followers, living in LA… I’m glad to be back in the trenches

For this guy his left leg is still noticeably less muscular than the right. So, I used a SLOW tempo, and 2:1 sets on left leg vs right leg.

The focus is results, now and forever. As coaches, if we keep that obsession with results for our clients AND our own bodies, I think we will keep providing value far above what’s expected in the industry. ATG’s own business plans have now aligned all toward that focus: better results.

We have someone working 40 hours a week solely toward the completion of so we can blast-off on driving people around the world to in-person ATG coaches.

Lack of a coach and lack of the correct equipment are the main barriers that - once removed - lead to breakthrough results.

Mark Mammoser, [20/06/2023 14:33]

To say that you can’t isolate the VMO is insane lol. just reverse sled or step ups alone and i can feel the activation of my VMO 

Isolating muscles is important and can be done. it’s just the internet that wants to create hate because @Kneesovertoesguy and ATG is doing so well as a whole, so people find ways to bring it down. ignore it and stay in the trenches 🫡

Ben Patrick, [20/06/2023 16:48]

@MarkMammoser their confusion is isolating vs emphasizing. “Isolating” the VMO isn’t the goal. Emphasizing the VMO is a legit goal for knee stability. People using the “you can’t isolate” try to trick people into believing you can’t emphasize. Big difference.

If you ever see me attacked by someone on “science” - don’t be surprised if I know the science better than they do.


I’ve been attacked for lack of science even though I know the science by heart. 

Truth prevails.

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