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Focus on Big Movers for Core

Drake Davis, [28/04/2023 19:23]

I know that core gets hit in ATG plenty and practically but is never really isolated

Ben Patrick, [28/04/2023 20:38]

@imDrake757 reverse squats + lower back + QL would be a good quality “core” approach. We train these with full range of motion. Most systems miss all three of those…

That being said, you could easily add more upper abdominal work. Poliquin believed the upper abs worked hardest in compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, and pull ups.

Bear in mind there is a difference between loading cable reverse squats… and doing a MonkeyFoot. MonkeyFoot = hip flexors, BUT, doesn’t build the “core” like cable reverse squats.

Most people who train “core” are: WEAK in the hip flexors and lower abs, WEAK in the QL, WEAK in the lower back. And there are legit upper ab exercises that could be added just as more bicep training could be added. ATG isn’t anti upper abs or biceps, far from it. The programs I write aim to be proportionate according to society’s weakest links.

And if you progress long-term in reverse squats, QL, lower back, and compound lifts, it’s possibility BETTER than wasting time on other “core” exercises. If you have more time, and have ones you like, do them! 👍

For the record, high-rep bent-knee Garhammer Raises crush my upper abs too. (While hitting hip flexors and lower abs)

Brendan Backstrom, [28/04/2023 21:05]

Excessive upper ab strengthening + disproportionately weak lower abs = recipe for sports hernia.

Exactly what happened to me from 8 years of track ab workouts with zero low ab training. Its a tug of war at the ab wall, one that the lower abs often lose. Very consistent in groin/low ab injuries

Drake Davis, [28/04/2023 21:21]

This reinforces what I've been thinking about. Focus on these big movers and mostly leave the upper core movements to get hit by heavy load bearing compound movements/carries

Ben Patrick, [28/04/2023 21:27]

@imDrake757 that’s what I’ve done for 10+ years, but Ben C and Keegan may have further exercises. Knowing extra exercises can be helpful depending on the client, even if 80+% won’t need.

By nature I’m an 80% type. For example, I don’t take any supplements, even though they do work.

Drake Davis, [28/04/2023 21:29]

absolutely. not every job needs every tool but it's nice to have them 👌👌

Ben Patrick, [28/04/2023 21:29]

Exactly. As a coach we should KNOW the 20%. I like to keep myself up to date on that extra 20%, even if I won’t use it.

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