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For strength purposes: A1.SS + A2.Hip flexor - Yay or nay?

Morgen Grady, [03/05/2023 16:37]

For strength purposes I was looking to program 


A2.Hip flexor

Yay or nay?

Ben Patrick, [03/05/2023 16:40]

@morgengrady split squat + hip flexors would be like RDL + ham curls… definitely can work 👍 - but probably wouldn’t be ideal for max strength increase because of hip flexor fatigue.

Morgen Grady, [03/05/2023 16:41]

VMO+Hip flexor sound better?

Ben Patrick, [03/05/2023 16:42]

Anything works. What’s your goal?

Has to start with what the goal is. Otherwise, it’s just arbitrary. I’d take ATG exercises on a roulette wheel vs what the average trainer would program. So literally any combination you could ask, I’d say yes that’s fine. But how good it is depends on the goal.

Morgen Grady, [03/05/2023 16:43]

Drafting up a basketball program for my 15U AAU squad. Talked with Clarfield yesterday and had a very productive call.

Ben Patrick, [03/05/2023 16:43]

Ok that’s specific lol! Start with that next time! 

15 year old basketball players have weak knees and weak minds. Porn, video games, and not enough VMO tissue. I’d hammer them with slant squats and Nordics and grow some VMO and hamstring tissue without having to learn more complex movements.

OLDER = usually need split squat to achieve squats

YOUNGER = usually can start with squats!

And then learn split squat after. Start with this reference…

These can be broken up however you want. 

15 years old means GOALS matters more than programming. GOALS GOALS GOALS. And all the stuff on this list can be done with minimal equipment.

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