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Freak Checklist: Limiters for Athletes


@Kneesovertoesguy why the sprint freak standard does not include nordics?


Pedro I think in general the Freak Checklist is more like a guide of unique things that limit progress. So of course 10+ motions would all go into a sprint or jump program… But only a few are used for each segment of the Freak Checklist for strategic reason. Example:

For sprint, Nordics are easy to get buy-in from athletes. But rarely would someone have the long-term drive to get to tossing around double bodyweight RDLs with amazing range. So Nordics and Ham Curls would absolutely be great accessory along the way. Just as many many other exercises could help increase speed. Freak Checklist is more like the most common limiters that an athlete will NOT push toward unless it’s clear on the list for them

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