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Freak Checklist for Athletic Success

Ben Patrick, [19/11/2022 19:44]

(Freak Checklist by Sport)

This list is a guide. It will sharpen up in a very simple way…

From the experience of the group getting freaky at the various endeavors.

My summary:

1. Things like Zero I am extremely grateful for because I know how to help myself and others with literally nothing. Not needing surgeries and painkillers to get by is priceless for me.

2. The Standards I am extremely grateful for because mastering those alone allows me to experience the athleticism I always wanted, and maintain it for a long time to come. Not to mention injury prevention! Standards for me were needed to pursue basketball hard without setbacks. Big life quality difference for me.

3. The Freak Checklist MAY go beyond my personal goals in life BUT its knowledge helps me think with what areas I may push “beyond Standard,” and that is also a priceless gift to know how to help myself and others with!

I think everyone should at least understand all 3, regardless of which zones will be most utilized.

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