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Frequency of Daily Exercises for Rehab

Eric Malitz, [14/09/2023 06:41]

@Kneesovertoesguy bringing this over from the other chat- you mentioned that for rehabbing Achilles/shoulder you’d hit seated calf/ext. rotation every day. Can you give the volume you’d recommend?

For rehab, this opens up curiosity about what other exercises you wouldn’t shy away from hitting every day, and if you have a general rule here. And would you use the same approach for chronic issues (as opposed to more recent injuries)?

Ben Patrick, [14/09/2023 19:29]

@ericmalitz I’ve used 4 sets a day on rotators and seated calf. Perhaps it relates to slower twitch muscles, because trying to do hamstrings daily tends to get funky.

Ultimately, I think you can do any movement daily. It just depends on how much breakdown is occurring, and your structural balance.

When in doubt, every other day is still plenty of frequency for just about anything. And I tend to see best results with an even more conservative approach where strong points are trained once a week and weak points twice a week.

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