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Gym manager contradicting ATG

Bryce Merriman, [02/03/2023 20:48]

I started a new job and my gym manager told me that squatting heels doesn’t activate more quad than a foot flat back squat and he also said it’s dangerous to squat all the way down under load. So now he is arguing with me treating my like I’m uneducated because I squat ass to grass. How do I explain the strength through length concept

Ben Patrick, [02/03/2023 21:02]

I never argued, I just made my own way. Meanwhile, I found out “the science” is on our side. Know this:

If you know this, you really can’t be argued with. Someone can still be mean. And you may have to create your own path. No different than living in a suppressive government. You may have to free yourself up.

Your boss sounds like the kind of person who isn’t trying to maximally help, and will insist they are right no matter what, even if deep down they see they are not. This is a very real and common occurrence in bosses, teachers, politicians, etc. In fact it’s probably more rare to meet someone who truly observes, without bias. That’s incredibly rare.

I wouldn’t have made it by working for others. I turned down full ride college scholarship to pursue my own path, and trained out of garages, etc. rather than working for others.

Mark Mammoser, [02/03/2023 21:08]

this is just straight ego talking as a boss. this is why, to me, what Ben and ATG have done for me is changed my outlook on life as a whole. everyone has opinions and they’re entitled to them, but some people don’t realize that and they think their opinions are the only ones that exist. i just love to hear everyone’s perspectives because you can learn so much! when i’ve seen Ben on Mark Bells youtube or podcast, he’s SO OPEN TO ANYTHING because Mark is truly there to help and build off what Ben knows. honestly that’s been one of my biggest lessons since discovering ATG! people like your boss man, no need for that negativity or energy in your life!

Ben Patrick, [02/03/2023 21:09]

Exactly!!! The root problem is not different opinions. But rather not being willing to understand each other. That’s the root problem. No one should be forced into full range of motion. But it sure shouldn’t be prevented.

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