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Hamstring Curl Machine Back-Up

Philip Ha, [28/12/2022 19:53]

Would doing hamstring curls with dumbbells work? Or are we looking at no equipment at all?

Ben Patrick, [28/12/2022 19:53]

Philip right, equipment is allowed - it’s more like: buying a lying hamstring curl machine for a home gym is a big proposition. Would cost more than my entire home gym. Everything else in ATG much more accessible. But I don’t want to give up on a good back-up. If I have a good back-up, then I can put hamstring curl machine into the program 👍✅

The idea isn’t to replace hamstring curl machine in program, but rather to have a back-up we feel is “standard”. I guess what makes something legit for ATG is:

1. Comfortable

2. Able to push 100% and safely!!!

3. Measurable

A ham curl machine has all that but I haven’t found a back-up that does.

When you lack any of 1-3 you prevent long-term transformation. If you were to scroll Instagram trainers, you would find too much deviation from 1-3.

Also, just having tons of back-up options is valid in itself. But I’ll give you comparison:

If you ever did low cable pull ins aka reverse squats with me in person, you understand why it was our first - and king - hip flexor standard. But from home someone can do Garhammer raise + MonkeyFoot and get very similar effects, easy to use, precisely measurable, etc. So I feel like for hamstring curl, we have to figure out some standard answers for people.

Nordic alone is very powerful for knee flexion - king in my opinion - and ultra accessible, much like RDL, ultra accessible and powerful. Nordic + RDL for posterior and I’d be fine BUT we want to be closer to perfect than that because not everyone will win when missing: Seated GM, Back Extensions, Ham Curls. And the variety helps prevent overuse injuries.

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