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Hamstring Dominance and Dysfunctional Glute


I’m dealing with a hamstring dominant left leg and dysfunctional left glute, my brain has forgotten to use my glute as the driving force of my left leg and instead relies on the hamstring is the driver- that becomes a problem especially when playing sport. Running- stopping and taking off with just the hamstring leads to excess strain on muscles above and below, and then chase tightness in the hamstring. I also have structure Imbalances everywhere due to work- so my body is a bit out of whack but I’ll keep you guys posted!


Michael I just shot a hamstrings video today. Drops Saturday. To make a long story short:

J Curl / Pike Pulse

RDL (RESISTING rounding)

Seated GM/Pancake family

Those 3 zones put you way ahead of the norm. Most people are severely lacking in one of those 3 zones. Even if one or two zones are good, one of the others is usually super bad. That’s as far as I go, these really big basic “standards.” I don’t personally believe major dysfunctions will exist if those (and the rest of the Standards) are given time. Then there is the sport itself. Overdoing left leg jumping/kicking can be balanced out with right leg jumping/kicking, keeping you fit without overuse. Michael that’s just my take.

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