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Helping a Dancer with Knee Pain


Have a client that suffers from pain just above the knee cap (I think rectus femoris).

She is a dancer (ballet & street dance). I have her sledding, doing step ups, tib raises, calf raises, eccentric nordics but she doesn’t seem to get rid of the complaints.

Anyone here have experience/ suggestions perhaps how I can help her improve?


AJ can you pinpoint a touch more… “Above kneecap” could be quad tendon. Then further up you have rectus femoris. Is it a long term issue? When does the client feel the pain?

It is much more rare to have pain above the knee… Usually it’s in the knee or below the knee. But I have a lot of experience with above the knee as well

This is one the things I suggest adding the routine when pain is above the knee. But AJ if it’s rectus femoris it would completely different stuff. So it depends if we are taking the quad tendon that attaches to the knee, or further up into the rectus femoris. Garhammer Raises and Reverse Nordics would be short and long range training for the Rectus Femoris

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