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Helping a Friend with a Torn ACL

José V, [25/08/2023 01:20]

Hey team! I got a friend with a torn ACL. She's had a history with it and is still doing recovery with conventional methods. Can anyone point me towards information so that i can help her? Is there a usual risk factor or something thats tight or weak in most people with acl tears?  Any feedback is appreciated

Ben Patrick, [25/08/2023 03:19]

@Josevera5, @TheATGClinician and others have given great breakdowns regarding the ACL. Brian, perhaps it’s time for an article on the ACL? @strangeofmotion, perhaps we can start a list of FAQs from the Pulse so we can save these great answers?

@Josevera5, I am just a trainer, but there are actually Doctors of Physical Therapy in this chat who can help explain the medical-to-ATG relationship. Since Day 1 I have avoided giving medical advice. For the ACL and every other knee issue I’ve seen, ATG has success stories. The common denominator seems to be the idea of scaling ability and then training at your pain-free level, recovering, and repeating over time with progressive overload. Those basics go from sled to step ups to split squats to squats, all the while building the lower legs, hamstrings, and hip mobility. Yet each of those steps is a subject of extensive mastery within itself. “Split squat” for example, we can scale from grandma to world class athlete. I was once diagnosed with a torn ACL. I didn’t have surgery on my ACL. I now have some of the most resilient knees in the world. I had to start split squats elevated and assisted. Those are all the points that come to mind, but really those all relate to any knee condition. And it doesn’t mean no surgery should ever be done. That’s where a go-to reference with up to date medical basis by topic, would help. For example the need for meniscus surgery appears to vary by the depth of the tear. It would be logical to assume the ACL is similar. Partial tear? Full tear? An ATG-trained physical therapist would have a unique viewpoint and Brian has done some great articles, but I don’t think one that is only on the subject of the ACL. It’s a HUGE topic, so such an article would help a lot of people.

Also, @ktwalters did a video recently on it. Recent research shows many ACL tears can heal naturally. Kenny graduates in December as a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

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