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HIIT Workouts with Form Focus

Deleted Account, [18/12/2022 17:34]

@Kneesovertoesguy, sorry if I’ve missed this anywhere. Do you do HIIT formatted workouts? I’ve been trying to follow along but thought this was the quickest way. Excellent article btw 🫡

Ben Patrick, [18/12/2022 17:34]

@heathermothership thank you! I think this is an example… @keeganrs popularized using timer on the minute and working perfect form 10 sets of a given exercise in 10 minutes. This creates HIIT effect.

We are testing many more of these sessions and March 1 as a group all will be invited to train on new program like that. Coordinating coaches’ year-round schedules here can help accountability and fun.

“Dense” is what Keegan calls it. Basic Dense for knees is on the app but we would like a full body ATG-style version. The ATG-style group classes are also in this style: work, short break, work.

The trick with ATG-style HIIT is FORM. Most HIIT workouts understandable are pretty garbage for joints, strength, mobility. With some strategic thinking we can get it all. For example, sled is the cornerstone of the group sessions I ran (and will run again) in person because it’s so good on the joints yet allows pushing so hard.

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