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Hip/ITB Pain: Seeking Advice


not sure if anyone can help i was looking into the hip / itb as ive had a nagging itb since starting running longer distance ; im a remedial sports therapist so im pretty good with anatomy 

Ive tried releasing TFL 

Ive been following the itb protocols and even some of the knee stuff

Everything seems to agitate it. Nagging pain up near the hip. But then pain as i walk down a step at my attachment of ITB.

Stretching piriformis/ hip really annoys my hip i guess cause piriformis is working hard at the moment.

Tried backward sled working today and it didnt like that.

Sorry if these are silly questions; brand new here 🙋🏽‍♀️ any suggestions??


Jade few things on ITB… This would be worth looking into:

I do think EVERY lower body Standard matters. HOWEVER, my suspicion is patience and slow tempo on ATG Split Squat has the most profound effect on it. Why??????????????

Because it’s probably the single most “opposite” exercise of running, which is the primary cause of ITB issues. That’s my guess. BUT… Please keep me posted.

ATG is really born out of coaches working at every issue or athletic limit in their own bodies, not out of studies or theories. So your own experience with this helps the group if you conquer it and share what worked.

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