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Hip Flexor Lifts with Resistance Band

Gregory Drakopoulos, [21/05/2023 09:03]

This fine like this? (Hip Flexor Lifts with resistance band)

Ben Patrick, [21/05/2023 15:23]

Definitely fine. I personally don’t stay motivated if there’s not measurement so I’ve never done banded. I’d rather work on L-Sit or Garhammer or MonketFoot if no cable machine.

Gregory Drakopoulos, [21/05/2023 22:42]

Alright thanks for the reply. I tried garhammer without the straps and it was too tough to get enough reps.

Ben Patrick, [21/05/2023 23:45]

Yep! A good one for sure! Hanging may make it even better long term…

When I’m traveling, I do high reps Level 1 Garhammer, hanging. In early ATG stages that can aggravate the shoulders. So the hanging straps help to focus on just the hip-flexors and lower abs, and not the grip and shoulders.

Drake Davis, [21/05/2023 23:46]

Dead hangs have such a benefit for spinal decompression I couldn't imagine why not.

Ben Patrick, [21/05/2023 23:46]

Yep! Long-term it may be a win-win, IF you have no shoulder discomfort from it.

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