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Hip Internal Rotation in Sports

Joe Erlic, [13/07/2023 22:16]

Wondering if anyone has advice about my hip internal rotation. When I get into crossover position or even change direction on defence, my hip flares up. I don’t think I even have 1 degree of rotation. 😂

Ben Patrick, [14/07/2023 04:24]


1. Actual correct defense drilling

Lateral Knee Ability

2. Watch this video, full theory on agility:

What Makes Agility? (My Theory)

3. ATG split squat can be done with heel turned OUT for even greater stretch through hip musculature… But probably isn’t even needed if the basics are actually in.

The reason so many elite athletes have amazing internal rotation in sport is FROM SPORT. Examples… (pictures of athlete’s internal hip rotation in sports)

All from actual sport, no drills. Just the actual sport motion. Sport motions are often underestimated in terms of duplicating what top athletes are doing and realizing THAT takes adaptation. Not jumping into drills.

“Sees Kyrie… now tries to mimic that with exercises” - should be: “Sees Kyrie… gradually works on that skill. ✅

ATG Basics + Sport is a powerful combo. I’ve yet to see with my own eyes a true need for anything outside.

The best drill for Internal Rotation in sport is practicing whatever motion that is. The best plyometric for dunking is dunking. The actual FORCE of sports is often missed. We then use ATG to transform the potential to handle force, so that we can go apply that sport force without breaking down. This allows us to handle greater force over longer time, which then manifests as athletic transformation and longevity transformation.

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